Where we are from…

lets get to know each other

I would like to introduce you to who I am and who we are as a company. My name is Alexi Vega and I am a local Calgarian, I love the flames when they play well and have always been fond of the spirit of the new west. My father is Sandro Vega and he loves the flames no matter what, he is a Canadian citizen from Chile having grown up in Calgary we are both call this city our home.

“We are a service company here for our customers – providing excellent service with a flexible adaptable approach to accommodate all of our customers”

Who are we marketing to?

  • Local homeowners taking advantage of low interest rates
  • Local businesses
  • Building Operators/Maintenance
  • Outdoor living spaces

We are flexible in what we do but we want to work with the highest quality people we know, our reputation is what is at stake and between the two of us we know the city well. We know the reputation of electricians well and we look at how we can impact the future of the quality of service for the Calgary market.

Calgary market rate is at $75/h + truck charge and minimum hours charge the typical service call can be $200.00-$350.00

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