Introduce Yourselves

Today I am in web development

I seem to have gotten myself into a lot of work starting an electrical company with my father, he is a networking machine which is fantastic and I was born late enough to know how to use a computer so while he is networking all day I need to back fill a whole electrical company behind us and still make time to do electrical work.

Here is what I have learned

  • Do you have a good reputation? No one wants to work with you if you have a bad reputation, bottom line.
  • You need to put in time so you better enjoy what you are doing.

Current projects

These projects are to keep the website hosted and the business door open these first few weeks have been a steep learning curve

  • Basement Development
  • Service calls weekly
  • Training – First Aid renewal
  • Business Link and other advice

Its been busy trying to start a business and juggle a installation but with great advice and some good people looking out for us we are motivated to keep pushing forward into next week! Thanks for reading!

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